Colours of Summer 2019 Awards


Prizes Awarded Red House 2019

President’s Award by Linda Patterson

Winner –  Alison Clements – Flying High
(Highly Commended:    Pauline Chard – Tranquillity) 

Spreadbury Rose Bowl by Laura Bullivant (Red House)

Winner – Linda Patterson – Quiet Waters
(Highly Commended:   Alison Clements – Patience)

Mercy Oddy Watercolour Award by Stephan Foster

Winner – Val Holliday – Feel the Heat
(Highly Commended:   Pauline Chard – Monet’s Lake)

Dick Crowe Maritime Painting by Elizabeth Kenyon

Winner – Hannya Robinson – Summer Swell
(Highly Commended: Andy Blake – Mediterranean Sunset 2)

Charles Morris Overall Winner by Pete Gilbert

Winner – Andrew Randalls – Disembarkation of B.E.F. in France
(Highly Commended – Graham Martin Venetian Boatyard )       [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]