June demonstration by Heather Joliffe

At our June meeting we welcomed Heather Joliffe who was demonstrating watercolour paintings with local views of some beach huts and the band stand at Lymington as her inspiration. For both paintings, Heather talked us through her process, and gave us lots of hints and tips along the way.

Heather was using the Shinhan brand of watercolours which she finds particularly vibrant, and generally uses a limited palette of non-staining colours. She used Khadi handmade paper and a selection of round and square flat brushes for her beach hut painting, and Saunders Waterford and only square flat brushes for the bandstand.

In both paintings Heather started out by sketching the bones of her composition in a light tone of one of the colours she was using in the painting. She then blocked in colours in the main larger and then medium sized shapes, being mindful of the wetness of each area and moving around the composition to either avoid or achieve mingling of neighbouring colours. As areas of the painting dried, she returned to them to add areas of shadow, smaller shapes and details. And finally added a few highlights and dark accents as needed.

In both her paintings, Heather simplified details leaving out anything that didn’t add to the understanding or story of the composition, and having more detail in the foreground than further back in the painting. She used a variety of techniques to add interest including dry brush in the greenery, printing shadows with the chisel edge of the flat brush, and even using a biro to add the lines of the balustrade and brickwork on the bandstand, and a suggestion of branches in the trees.

A very enjoyable and informative demonstration.