Lindsey Cole

Many thanks to Lindsey for coming to cover for a last minute cancellation.

Lindsey started by showing us her ideas and the planning stages for the painting she was going to produce. Nothing, however, was set in stone as the work would develop depending on how the paint and inks reacted.

She had prepared a board covering it with gesso, sculpting a design with reference to the subject. It gave depth in places and variety to the background with the main focus on where the branches would be positioned but leaving an overall abstract impression. The colours to be used had been chosen at the planning stages. The black and white photo shows clearly the gesso design.

Using a size 16 flat brush she covered the complete canvas with areas of Prussian blue, Teal, Vandyke brown and titanium white acrylic blending the areas well. Before drying thoroughly, so that the colours did not move with the next layer, Lindsey added a little yellow to produce some green areas. The drying was a procedure she used at each stage throughout the demonstration.

Sepia acrylic ink was dribbled to form branches, spraying with water to form runs and also using a rigger brush and paint to get direction. The board was removed from the easel to move the colour around letting it run.

A thin glaze of white was then overlaid in some areas to knock back the depth of colour, repeating as necessary. This gives that lovely diffused, out of focus look and allows for more layers to be added.

The process of painting and spraying was repeated to form the basis of the branches and had it not been done in the demonstration would have continued much further than we see on the photos.

Alizarin crimson, Pyrrol orange, and Vandyke brown were the colours chosen for the berries, with a dilute red area washed in at first and then sprayed with water to soften the edges.

The berries were painted in from dark to light colouring.

Linsdey then pulled out some of the colours in the negative shapes, particularly the teal green and this made the colours pop. A dry brush and colour we used over some of the texture, she has also found a silicone shaped brush useful for this type of action and for mark making.

The final touch was the highlights on the berries.

We hope that in due course Lindsey will complete the painting and will send us a final version, but until then… enjoy the end of demo painting. More from Lindsey can be found on her website

End of demonstration