Red House Exhibition

Saturday 17th June was the opening of our latest exhibition at Red House Museum in Christchurch and the presentation of Awards to the artists selected by this year’s judges for their outstanding work.

President’s Award – Chosen by Linda Patterson
Winner – Alison Clements ‘Cloudscape’
Highly Commended – Lucy Grinchik ‘Autumn Leaves’

Spreadbury Rose Bowl – Chosen by Pam Perry, a trustee of a local museum, and holder of a Masters in The History of Art. 
Winner – Linda Patterson ‘Colours of Ukraine’
Highly Commended – Jackie Malley ‘Take me Home’ and Jane Moores ‘Jurassic Coast’

Mercy Oddy Watercolour Award – Chosen by Caryn Scott  of Artcetera, Boscombe.
Winner – Lucy Grinchik ‘Avon Beach’
Highly Commended – Alison Clements ‘After the Storm’ and Jane Moores ‘The Chase’

Dick Crowe Maritime Painting – Chosen by Stephen Foster. Stephen is well known to the Guild for  his demonstrations and help over the years.
Winner – Jane Moores ‘Jurassic Coast’
Highly Commended – Andy Blake ‘Needles View from Avon Beach’

Charles Morris Overall Winner – Andrea Hipwell   a teacher of Art and holder of BAs in Art and The History of Art.

Winner – Alison Clements ‘Cloudscape’
Highly Commended – Jackie McKeown ‘Fred’ and Jane Moores ‘Sardinian Town’