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    Linda Patterson

    Linda Patterson < back to main gallery Artist ProfileI have been a designer, teacher and lecturer throughout my working career, and always an ‘Artist’. Drawing and painting since my earliest days. My paintings have covered many genres, but of late mostly landscapes, inspired by the surrounding beauty of the area in which I live. Totally immersed in the local art scene in my home town and surrounds. Working closely with Christchurch and District Arts for the past 25 years, Currently Chairman, and the Christchurch Arts Guild, previously as Chairman, now their President. I became one of the first members of the Society of Floral Painters when they formed in 1995.…

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    Lovedy James

    Lovedy James < back to main gallery Artist ProfileA well known artist and teacher of art, Lovedy has exhibited in London at the Society of Women Artists (S.W.A.) annual exhibition at Westminster Hall. She also exhibits locally with the Christchurch Arts Guild and Highcliffe Art Fellowship and her work is familiar to many local people. She has been awarded several prestigious prizes – the Mercy Oddy Memorial Water colour prize, the Dick Crow Marine Trophy of mixed media seascape and on two occasions the Presidents Choice Award, again for mixed media work. As a keen and prize winning amateur gardener and floral display artist it is not surprising that the…

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    Linda Dowell

    Linda Dowell < back to main gallery Artist ProfileI love being able to use different media to create colourful pictures.   Moving between media allows a loose immediate approach which is reflected in my work. Being outside sketching and painting means I can absorb myself in the surrounding atmosphere that continually inspires me Artist Contact [email protected]

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    Andy Blake

    Andy Blake < back to main gallery Artist Profile Specialist Oil Painter of Land and Seascapes, local and coastal scenes, boats, houses and structures. Numerous Commissions completed and are always welcomed. If interested contact below. Have had an annual display at The Regent Centre, Christchurch since 2001, next is 6 – 26 May ’17. Painting semi-pro since leaving the Ordnance Survey in 1999 where spatial awareness and an eye for detail came from survey work. Artist Contact Details [email protected] 01425 610490 (answer-phone message may be left)

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    Jane Moores

    Jane Moores < back to main gallery Artist Profile I have lived in this area for some 30 years and draw much of my inspiration for painting from the wonderfully diverse coastal and countryside views. However, recent lengthy periods in the warmer climate of Spain have influenced some of my work. I enjoy using several different mediums and find that the subject and conditions guide which I choose on a particular day. My interest in painting has been lengthy, since school days and Southampton Art College in the 70’s. I have sold in many countries but whilst this is not the reason I pick up brushes, it is always nice…

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    Jackie Malley

    Jackie Malley < back to main gallery Artist Profile Have been inspired to paint more and more since moving to the beautiful New Forest. I tend to specialise in coastal scenes, forest landscapes, flowers and wildlife and particular enjoy doing these varied subjects in watercolour or Acryl/Gouache. Artist Contact DetailsTo discuss any of my works please contact me on [email protected]

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    Val Holliday

    Val Holliday < back to main gallery Artist ProfileAfter discovering painting on my retirement I have found a new absorbing hobby that is both relaxing and rewarding.   I have always been excited by colour and this enjoyment has been fulfilled over the years through upholstery, soft furnishing and gardening.  Watercolour is  the media that best suits my way and style of painting. Artist Contact [email protected]

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    Geoff Storer

    Artist Profile I have been painting since my schooldays and my specialism is traditional art in oil and watercolour. My subject matter is a flight of fancy or more accurately opportunism. Predominently I favour the scope and flexibity of landscapes but people studies, portraits and still life feature too. My style is undeniably representational with the occasional excursion into looser treatments. Artist Contact Details To enquire about any picture within my Gallery or to commission work please choose from one of the following: Email: [email protected] Mobile Phone: 07854912399 Home Number: 01202 922456